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Stay on top of your website and marketing with an app built for business owners, by business owners.


A platform built for Business Owners

It's time to start understanding what goes into your marketing.

Website Monitoring

Just type in your website, and we will ensure it's online every time you launch the app. You'll never have to rely on your customers to be your IT team ever again.

Knowledge Base

Not sure what something means? With access to our blog 24/7, you'll have unlimited marketing resources at your disposal. Our 5 minute tutorials will make you a pro.

Always online assistant

Your buddy Growth Bot is your assistant for anything marketing, or anything digital. He never sleeps.

Stay Updated

We keep you informed of any news in the tech world that matters to your business. You will always be 1 step ahead of your competitors.

Peace of mind when it comes to Marketing your business

Whether you have an agency or not, most of the time you just don't know what's going on at this very second, or don't understand the marketing lingo. We're changing that.

Understand and Grow your online presence

You can't grow what you don't understand. Even if an outside agency is doing the legwork, you should still know what goes into the marketing process. Would you pay your utility bill without knowing what you're actually paying for?


Just because you aren't a marketing graduate doesn't mean you can't learn the fundamentals of keeping your business relevant on Digital.


These are made for business owners specifically, so they don't take time away from you running your company.

Unlimited Content

With new content added weekly, you'll always be ahead of your competitors when it comes to growing your business.

Always in the loop

With our website monitor, as soon as you open the app, you'll know before your customers do if tyour website is down. No more surprises.

Website Monitor

The first widget you see when you open the app is your website status. Know before your customers do.

Breaking News

Our app is built by an marketing agency, so you will always be in the loop when it comes to innovation in the digital world.

Stay on track with Daily Goals

You're busy all day long running your business, who has time to remember the basics of ensuring your online profiles are always up to date and engaging. Don't worry, we'll remind you with daily goals.

“Within 1 week of using The Path to Growth, I feel like I am in control of my business. Other businesses actually ask me where I learned all the tricks on Social Media. ”

Jill Valentine, Business Owner
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